Hungry for sweat in Hluhluwe

According to Google Translate, “hluh luwe” means “sweat hungry” in Javanese, a language spoken in Java, Indonesia. That is probably just an unrelated coincidence, but never mind. It is now confirmed that we are going to Hluhluwe, a small town in the eastern part of South Africa, next year, just like so many other CESA […]

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Hiphop? No, we prefer Opera!
From left to right: Hanna Björk (Opera), Matilda, Niklas Beischer (Opera), Daniel and Hampus.

For the fourth consecutive year, Opera Software will be our partner during the project. Today we visited Hanna Björk and Niklas Beischer at their office in Gothenburg and discussed the cooperation, and came to an agreement. This is the first year for Hanna, but Niklas has been involved since Opera’s first year with CESA.

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The Glenn of Gothenburg
From left to right: Glenn, Hampus, Matilda, Daniel and Samuel. No, we are not this crazy all the time. Or are we?

Yesterday, we got the first glance of next year’s computers. Together with Samuel, our chairman, we took one of the electric cars at Chalmers and drove to the City of Gothenburg Västra Hisingen‘s (Swedish: Göteborgs Stad Västra Hisingen) office, since they are the donors of “our” computers. Once we arrived, the representative of Gothenburg, who like every […]

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CESA 17 – It’s jubilee time!

For the tenth year in a row, CESA will make a journey to southern Africa next summer, providing schools with computers and computer knowledge. We are the lucky ones who have gotten the chance to keep the project going for 2017. From left to right: Daniel Ahlqvist – vice-chairman Hampus Dahlin – member of the […]

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