According to Google Translate, “hluh luwe” means “sweat hungry” in Javanese, a language spoken in Java, Indonesia. That is probably just an unrelated coincidence, but never mind. It is now confirmed that we are going to Hluhluwe, a small town in the eastern part of South Africa, next year, just like so many other CESA members have done in the past. Hluhluwe is located quite close to the borders to Mocambique and Swaziland, and is probably most known for the wildlife in the nature reserves surrounding the town. That will be our base.

Star for Life, our partner organisation in southern Africa, also operates in Namibia. Last year, CESA visited Namibia for the first time, but that will thus not happen next year, despite Star for Life having their tenth anniversary there. The reason is that it is a bit complicated to send the computers to that country, since they need to go via the ministry. The laws are not as stringent in South Africa.

We are really looking forward to visit Hluhluwe and the neighboring areas, and I guess that we will never be hungry for sweat working there.

Just like “sweat hungry”, this photo is completely unrelated to the blog post. This was an unsuccessful attempt to a CESA group selfie a few days ago.

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