45 Days of Fortune(r)?
In Matilda's apartment when planning the 45 day trip. The pineapple pie can be seen in the middle.

Computers, Ubuntu, stickers, Wikipedia, pallets… You have heard it before. What about the actual journey? We might not yet have told you, but it is almost all sorted! On our way from the shop where we bought the extension cords with multiple plug sockets (see the last blog post), I (Daniel) and Matilda discussed naming […]

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Roy and the pallet shop
Matilda having a good time with a pallet collar.

Have the CESA 17 project been cancelled, you may wonder? No! Despite a very silent blog during the last couple of months, we have been very productive. A short summery: flight tickets have been purchased and the computers are ready to be shipped to South Africa. Now to the longer summary. Last time, we reported […]

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