Open your eyes and see… Computers!
Hampus carrying a box to the new room.

Today we got the computers from Gothenburg City Västra Hisingen! With the help of some amazing people everything was moved into CESA’s room in less than half an hour, which without a doubt has to be some sort of world record. Huge thanks to Gothenburg City Västra Hisingen and Glenn yet again for making CESA’s work possible! […]

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Lions sleep in the jungle, computers in…
Daniel visiting the 2017 CESA room at Chalmers.

Finally, our computers have somewhere to sleep at night, just like the lions in Africa! Thanks to Chalmers, we will be located in a room in the Maskinhus at Campus Johanneberg. The room is quite big and is today used as a storage for a few tables and chairs. Uhm… a few was an understatement… […]

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