Yesterday, after a 33 hour journey, we finally arrived at the guest house we will call home the next three weeks. Before getting to Hluhluwe Simon bravely took it upon himself to drive, which would be a challenge since you drive on the left side of the road in South Africa. He did great and we all survived, he managed to only drive on the right side (not the left, which would be right) twice!

We arrived after a three hour drive and in the first night we spent in Hluhluwe we already had an amazing time. After been showed our rooms the hostess told us that she wanted to show us the nearby game reserve which we gladly accepted! An hour later we were on our way to the very first safari of this trip. And it was amazing. We saw giraffes, zebras, rhinos, elephants, buffalos, nyalas and lots of birds and great nature. In two hours we saw three out of the big five and more than we thought we would on this whole trip. Images below..

On the drive home we almost fell asleep a dozen times because of all of the traveling but after we came home we had dinner with the hosts which was lovely. With the dinner we had avocados that are very cheap here, which of course means that we’ve had them with 3/4 of our meals so far!

Today we have been at the office of Star for Life the whole day, getting introduced to a lot of new people and making plans for our stay. The gentleman we spoke to the most, JD, loved Basshunter and played us a few songs in between our brainstorming sessions. We made a provisional plan and will be meeting Mdu, whom have been our contact in South Africa, this thursday and discuss our work in more detail.

Apparently the computers arrived in Durban three days ago but are stuck in customs, hopefully they will arrive this week. In the meantime we have been told that there are some schools with computers that needs to be installed, updated or repaired so we will try to visit them. Until our next update, enjoy these photos of some of the animals we saw!


/Simon,Elin and Björn

Björns favourite animal
Björns favorite animal
SHooting animals with a Canon
Shooting animals with a Canon

One of the big five!
One of the big five!
Candidates for the big number six, seven and eight?
Candidates for the big six, seven and eight?

One thought to “The best of welcomes”

  • Samuel Bengmark

    Underbart att se att ni är på plats och att ni fått en sån fantastiskt start med ett besök på ett Game Reserve. Gläder mig att datorerna landat i Durban. Nu hoppas vi att det går snabbt med tullen. Ser mycket fram emot att få följa er här på bloggen!


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