Hello everyone!

These past few weeks we have been contacting a lot of new sponsors and we are waiting for answers with great hope. We have also contacted last years sponsors with mixed but mostly good results.

We have also been in contact with Star for Life about where this years trip will be heading and right now it’s not certain. There will be a trip for sure but we are not sure if it will be Namibia or South Africa we’ll be going to.

Together with Peter at Distill Design we have created a brochure about our work and how to become a sponsor. It looks great and we have sent this with all the emails to the potential new sponsors.

Last week we met our long-term computer donors: Gothenburg City Västra Hisingen. We discussed our need for computer this year and we were met with great enthusiasm, Västra Hisingen are ready to give us even more computer than last year if we can handle that many! It was also decided that we will only be shipping laptops this year as well. After the meeting we headed down to the warehouse where the computers are kept and they all seemed to be in good shape.

Until next time!

/Simon, Elin and Björn

Meeting with Gleen at Gothenburg City
Meeting with Glenn at Gothenburg City
About 100 computers so far
About 100 computers so far

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