Hello everyone! We are the new members of the CESA that will carry out the project of 2016: Simon Nielsen, Elin Ljunggren and Björn Hedström. We are very excited for a year filled with lots of collaboration, interesting struggles and thrilling new experiences.

CESA 2016
CESA 2016 – (From left: Simon, Elin and Björn)

During the first weeks since the annual meeting that was held 17th of November we have mostly gathered information and planned for what needs to be done first. Our main goal right now is to connect with the sponsors from earlier years and to attract some new ones. After that we will put together a budget and connect with computer donors. Without our sponsors and donors the project would definitely not be possible and we are very grateful for the efforts of the past year. We are also excited for an extra annual meeting that will be held next week where we hopefully will meet old project members which would be very inspiring. Finally we would like to thank Samuel, Joel, Oskar and Patricia for their incredible contribution the past year, you’ve been amazing! //Björn, Simon and Elin

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