Since the last blogpost three days ago until today I have been alone in Windhoek. During this time I have been traveling around with Foreversun which is a Star For Life employe. We’ve visited three schools, two in Windhoek and one in Rehoboth. These were the last three schools (except for the two in the north which Joel and Patricia visited), which means that even though we weren’t able to visit any schools during the first two weeks, we managed to deliver computers to all schools. The negative point of hurrying around to schools was that we did not have as much time as we would have liked at each school. Except for visiting schools I have visited two shopping malls and travelled in a taxi for the first time here. IMG_20150813_102919 IMG_20150812_104921 IMG_20150812_085627 IMG_20150813_102148 IMG_20150813_102233 Now it’s the last day here in Windhoek and we will leave for the airport at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Tonight we are going to eat at Bush Bar which is an australia inspired restaurant.

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