Computers, Ubuntu, stickers, Wikipedia, pallets… You have heard it before. What about the actual journey? We might not yet have told you, but it is almost all sorted!

On our way from the shop where we bought the extension cords with multiple plug sockets (see the last blog post), I (Daniel) and Matilda discussed naming this year’s CESA project Resa-CESA (Swedish for “traveling CESA”, even though that is not fun at all in English, since it is not rhyming). The reason for this is that we will make a long road trip in South Africa, and maybe also Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique, for 45 days to be exact. This was decided one and a half month ago when booking flight tickets in Matilda’s apartment. A thing worth to mention is that Matilda had baked a fantastic pineapple pie that day, which I still miss.

Well, first of all, we need to tell that this road trip is a private thing, and has nothing to do with CESA. The journey in short: we will fly from Sweden to Cape Town 9 July, drive through the country to Hluhluwe and start working for CESA there 31 July to 18 August. After that we will have a few more days until we fly back home from Durban on 23 August. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

One and a half week ago, Matilda and I booked a car for the journey. We will drive a Toyota Fortuner for these 45 days, and we hope that it will give us some fortune. That is all for now!

In Matilda's apartment when planning the 45 day trip. The pineapple pie can be seen in the middle.
In Matilda’s apartment when planning the 45 day trip. The pineapple pie can be seen in the middle.

One thought to “45 Days of Fortune(r)?”

  • Simon

    Förhoppningsvis har ni mer tur än oss med bilen iallafall haha


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