We’ve finally arrived in Hluhluwe and made ourselves at home at the hotel we’re staying at. The hotel is called Hlulala hotel which is a roughly 5 minute drive to Stars for life’s headquarters.

Our first week has been short as South Africa’s national women’s day took part this week so we had a few free days of our own. On Wednesday we met up at Star for life’s office and got a tour of their premises and we also got to meet our main contacts Phakamani and Mduduzi. During this meet-up with Phakamani we went through the plan of what schools to visit and what to expect from them. 

On Thursday we went to the first school: Ndabazamanina high school. This school had a computer room set up and the computers were all working for us, so what we did was to clean them up a bit and make sure they looked ok. We also helped install one of their printers and held our first lecture. 

Hanna and a teacher going through one of the computers
Our first lecture with a school class. 

Students sit in groups and go over a computer.

Pär and Hanna together with two of the schools teachers. 

On Friday we went to Nibela Primary where we also went over to the school’s computer room. They had many old desktop computers and newly donated laptops and so we went over them all to check if they still worked properly. Some worked well and were cleaned up and others did not start anymore, unfortunately. 

Hanna and Jon are hard at work fixing computers. 

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