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Project Objectives

CESA, Computer Education in Southern Africa, is a group of students from Chalmers University of Technology working to give children in southern Africa a better education through donated computers and computer knowledge.

The goal of the CESA project is to continuously, every year, deliver and install computers at schools which do not have computers as a natural part of the education. Many schools in southern Africa, especially on the country side, do not have access to computers and the knowledge they can bring at all. So far only schools in South Africa and Namibia have been involved, but we are open to broaden the domain to include other contries in the south of Africa.

Project Background

The project was initiated by Samuel Bengmark in 2008. He was then Head of the Software Engineering Programme at Chalmers University of Technology, and the members have since then been three new students from this programme each year. CESA cooperates with the organisation Star for Life which operates on South African and Namibian schools to prevent the spread of AIDS. Star for Life takes on disadvantaged schools to inform about the disease, motivate students to take control of their lives and dare to believe in a future. The organization started in 2005 and today helps about 50 schools in South Africa and Namibia. These are the schools we visit for the installation of computers and computer practice, so as to help motivate and inspire the pupils.

Project Result

Since the project started in 2008, eight journeys have been made to the KwaZulu-Natal area north of Durban and one to Namibia. During the first trip, 212 computers were installed at eleven different schools, which gave approximately 8 800 pupils access to computers. Both pupils and teachers also received elemental education in how to use the computers. The following years, similar contributions have been made. Some years focus has been more on education and serving of the computers already existent on the schools, and some years more computers have been sent. The trips have been very rewarding and valued by both the school management and pupils.

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Finding more partners is wise! Findwise!

“Vendor independent IT consultants specialised in enterprise search, information management, search driven analytics and Big Data”. That is how Findwise describe themselves. And from today on, we can conclude that they will also continue their partnership with CESA. Today, we got the opportunity to meet Jessica Gold from Findwise for a lunch meeting at a […]

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A boxing match

Today, we were supposed to have a sponsor meeting. Unfortunately, our contact at the company got sick and the meeting is therefore postponed. Instead, we took a team building breakfast at a local cafe. This was very nice and cozy, and a wide range of things were discussed, including Hampus crazy (or rather messy) christmas […]

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Hungry for sweat in Hluhluwe

According to Google Translate, “hluh luwe” means “sweat hungry” in Javanese, a language spoken in Java, Indonesia. That is probably just an unrelated coincidence, but never mind. It is now confirmed that we are going to Hluhluwe, a small town in the eastern part of South Africa, next year, just like so many other CESA […]

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We are CESA 2017

Hampus Dahlin

Hampus Dahlin

Board member

A business design student with a love for new places and people! I am part of CESA 2017 as I want to understand the situations people face in other places and help bring the software revolution to southern Africa!

Daniel Ahlqvist

Daniel Ahlqvist


A software engineering bachelor student with a great interest in different cultures and nature. As a photographer, I will document the project in the smallest detail.

Matilda Horppu

Matilda Horppu


An interaction design student with a desire to explore the world for new experiences. I believe that good computer education will help students in many areas of life and that is why I am a part of CESA 2017.

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