The start of an adventure…
At Arlanda waiting for the aeroplane.

We have left Sweden! This morning I (Daniel) and Hampus took an aeroplane from Gothenburg to Stockholm, where we met Matilda and continued to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. During the flight we watched several movies and played a quiz game which was won by Hampus. We are now at the Dubai International Airport […]

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45 Days of Fortune(r)?
In Matilda's apartment when planning the 45 day trip. The pineapple pie can be seen in the middle.

Computers, Ubuntu, stickers, Wikipedia, pallets… You have heard it before. What about the actual journey? We might not yet have told you, but it is almost all sorted! On our way from the shop where we bought the extension cords with multiple plug sockets (see the last blog post), I (Daniel) and Matilda discussed naming […]

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Roy and the pallet shop
Matilda having a good time with a pallet collar.

Have the CESA 17 project been cancelled, you may wonder? No! Despite a very silent blog during the last couple of months, we have been very productive. A short summery: flight tickets have been purchased and the computers are ready to be shipped to South Africa. Now to the longer summary. Last time, we reported […]

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Welcome to the CESA zoo!
Matilda removing a sticker and destroying her hands.

The project keeps going on! What has happened since our last update? The computers have been cleaned, stickers have been removed and, last but not least, the computers now have new operating systems! Last Thursday evening was dedicated to the computers, with Daniel and Hampus starting to change operating systems from Windows to Ubuntu on […]

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Open your eyes and see… Computers!
Hampus carrying a box to the new room.

Today we got the computers from Gothenburg City Västra Hisingen! With the help of some amazing people everything was moved into CESA’s room in less than half an hour, which without a doubt has to be some sort of world record. Huge thanks to Gothenburg City Västra Hisingen and Glenn yet again for making CESA’s work possible! […]

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Lions sleep in the jungle, computers in…
Daniel visiting the 2017 CESA room at Chalmers.

Finally, our computers have somewhere to sleep at night, just like the lions in Africa! Thanks to Chalmers, we will be located in a room in the Maskinhus at Campus Johanneberg. The room is quite big and is today used as a storage for a few tables and chairs. Uhm… a few was an understatement… […]

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Finding more partners is wise! Findwise!
From left to right: Daniel, Hampus, Matilda and Jessica Gold.

“Vendor independent IT consultants specialised in enterprise search, information management, search driven analytics and Big Data”. That is how Findwise describe themselves. And from today on, we can conclude that they will also continue their partnership with CESA. Today, we got the opportunity to meet Jessica Gold from Findwise for a lunch meeting at a […]

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A boxing match
Kneeling with the box.

Today, we were supposed to have a sponsor meeting. Unfortunately, our contact at the company got sick and the meeting is therefore postponed. Instead, we took a team building breakfast at a local cafe. This was very nice and cozy, and a wide range of things were discussed, including Hampus crazy (or rather messy) christmas […]

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Hungry for sweat in Hluhluwe

According to Google Translate, “hluh luwe” means “sweat hungry” in Javanese, a language spoken in Java, Indonesia. That is probably just an unrelated coincidence, but never mind. It is now confirmed that we are going to Hluhluwe, a small town in the eastern part of South Africa, next year, just like so many other CESA […]

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Hiphop? No, we prefer Opera!
From left to right: Hanna Björk (Opera), Matilda, Niklas Beischer (Opera), Daniel and Hampus.

For the fourth consecutive year, Opera Software will be our partner during the project. Today we visited Hanna Björk and Niklas Beischer at their office in Gothenburg and discussed the cooperation, and came to an agreement. This is the first year for Hanna, but Niklas has been involved since Opera’s first year with CESA.

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